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Animal Control Schaumburg

Are you struggling to get rid of uninvited animals in Schaumburg? If so, our animal control specialist would love to help you.

With bustling shopping centers and borders touching forest preserves, the city of Schaumburg in Illinois not only attracts people but also wild animals and pests. Unfortunately, these animals make your home their own. If you are also struggling to deal with these wild animals and pests, you need an animal and pest control company that can make your home free from all these nuisance animals.

Rat Patrol of Illinois is a leading animal control company with 50+ years of experience in Schaumburg and surrounding areas. We specialize in dealing with nuisance animals humanely. Some of the animals and birds that we deal with include:

Our fully equipped and trained professionals will make your property animal-free by providing our exceptional services that include:

  • Wildlife trapping and relocation services
  • 100% guaranteed elimination of wildlife animals
  • Take preventive measures for future infestations
  • Emergency services available
  • Free consultation, inspection, and estimate
  • Offering our exceptional services all 7 days per week

How do we deal with the animal problem

When it comes to dealing with an animal infestation, no other company can match the services that we offer. Other animal control companies use poison to kill insects, pests, and animals, but we deal with animals humanely. We begin by performing a thorough inspection of your property and determining the causes of the animal infestation. By using our special exclusion devices, we make your property animal-free. Our well-equipped professionals also use methods of trapping and relocating animals and take further action to prevent future infestations.

Safeguard your property from these wild animals with us. Apart from wildlife trapping, our professionals will help you prevent future infestation of wild animals by using exclusionary devices. From installing chimney caps to deck screens, we assure you that we will provide full protection for your property.

Keep your home free from all those nuisance animals and get your peace of mind by hiring our services.

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