Rodent Control in Palatine

There has been a spurt in economic growth in Palatine. With it, there has been a widespread increase in neighborhoods in and around Palatine. Besides economic and human development, the city has recorded a rise in the number of pest infestations. Pests find comfort in homes and businesses. No homeowner wants to see a pest infestation in their abode. You are no different either, because these rodents cause nuisance and even go beyond control if appropriate steps are not taken. When they go out of control, rodent control Palatine experts can alone handle them correctly.

About Palatine

Located in Cook County, Chicago, Palatine is one of the biggest suburban communities in the region, which is densely populated. Its location close to the marshland makes it a home to pests and rodents. If you live in Palatine, you are already aware of the pest problem in the fast-growing city. Rodents can be a big nuisance for homeowners. Rodent infestation can cause all sorts of problem, from causing structural destruction to ruining your carpet and furniture.

Some of the signs of rodent infestation include:

  • Digging lawn
  • Scratching noises or contamination in the attic
  • Droppings
  • Bat infestation
  • Damaged electrical wires
  • Unwanted wildlife in your house and surroundings


Unfortunately, many rodents find a safe haven in your home. They have learned to adapt to the living conditions inside your property, where they thrive and proliferate. Attics are one of the favorite places for them to hide, from where they can easily make way into your home and cause damage. Rodents are carriers of disease and pathogens and can cause all sorts of problems for you.

Rodent Proof Your Property

Examining the droppings can help you determine the type of rodent infestation in your home. Since both mice and rat are highly reproductive and resistant to toughest conditions, you need the best rodent control Palatine experts to deal with the problem.

  • It is important to maintain good housekeeping, eliminate loosely piled materials and other unused stuff where a rodent can hide under.
  • You may want to block off all entry points into the attic, porch and walls.
  • It is equally important to eliminate all food and water sources for rodents. This includes reducing feed spillage and keeping all pet food in covered cans. Look out for any leaky taps and open drains in and around your abode.


Get Professional Palatine Rodent Control Help

At Rodent Control Chicago, we are experts at handling rodents and pests. We focus on treating the problem at the root level, making sure your property is not a safe haven for pests. Our tried-and-tested rodent control treatments are designed to defend your home against all kinds of rodent infestations. You can trust us with the rodent control in Palatine home so we can help you make your home pest free. Do not take chances when it comes to exterminating rodents from your home. You want to make your abode a safe haven for your loved ones. Trust the experts at Rodent Control Chicago.