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How Often Should Pest Control Be Done?

Pest control is a specialised service that aims at providing effective management for various kinds of pest species that adversely impact your day to day activities. You can use various solutions for the achievement of this goal. Are you confused about how often you should get your home or workplace pest controlled? If yes, then this article is especially for you. The below-mentioned tips will help you select the right frequency for using this service.


Consider the Extent of Infestation:

While deciding the frequency of a pest control service you must take into consideration the extent of the pest infestation at your property. The mistake of determining the frequency of this service yourself must be avoided. You need to take into consideration the density of pests present at your property and this decision should be made only by a professional pest control company.

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Try a quarterly service plan:

Pesticides are generally considered to be effective for three months from the time they are applied in commercial businesses generally; due to the volume of high-pressure cleaning that takes place within that business. Residential homes generally only need spraying every 12 months unless existing problems such as a cockroach or rodent infestation is already well established prior to your treatment. With a quarterly plan, an experienced pest control technician would be able to save your property from being infested by pests.

In serious cases of pest problems within your residential home, you may need quarterly services. German Cockroach infestations in your home or business start subsiding after 2-3 services. After this period has passed, a professional pest control specialist in Chicago would be able to decide on the next preventive approach to keep your business or home pest-free.

Another very important plus point of using a quarterly service is the availability of free retreatments in between services once the pest plague has been eliminated. Most of the pest control businesses in Chicago can serve you with a complimentary retreatment. The technicians associated with these businesses can visit your premises without any delay.


Single Treatment Option:

Are you living in rented accommodation? Do you need a single pest eliminated like Ants? If yes, then a single treatment service would be perfect for you. Although these services are economical and flexible, there are serious drawbacks associated with this kind of pest control. They can eliminate specific targeted pests like Ants.

However, you could find yourself surrounded by various kinds of other pests like cockroaches. Not only this, but a single treatment although cheaper at the start can become more costly when it comes to the total cost per service if you decide that other pests like cockroaches, spiders, silverfish become problematic.


Think About Treatments with Short Frequencies:

Pest control treatments with shorter frequencies will always offers  greater protection  against pest. Regular servicing allows your pest control technician enough time to assess and analyse how the pesticides are working. The type of treatment plan is based on the level of infestation, type of pest involved and the size of the property. If you are living in a colder area then you can cut down the frequency of services for insects as they are predominantly  summer problems.

However, you must be careful and mindful in regards to mice infestations during cooler periods as mice and rats tend to explode to plague proportions during this seasonal change, these pests can cause damage to wiring within your walls, spoil your food with contamination and cause health issues. Many pest control businesses in the local area can serve you with residential pest control services.


Consider The Type Of Business You Own:

The type of property that you own can help you choose the right pest control service. If you own a restaurant, then it would be ideal  for you to use a consistent and frequent service. In this case, it would be beneficial to try a monthly plan. Your pest control technician can help you select the right pest control plan for you, as mentioned, monthly and quarterly plans are some of the best options for your business.


Keep The History of your property in mind:

Does your property have any history of pest problems? If yes, choose a monthly pest control program. If your property has a record of developing breaches like pest entry points, then it is always beneficial  for you to go for a quality pest control service that keeps both commercial and residential pests away from your property. Pest technicians can do this by proofing these areas with mesh or bristle strips to stop pests entering your business or home.


The kind of pests present at your property:

The frequency of pest control can solely depend on the kind of pests at your property. If you live near a creek line and have pest problems like rodents entering your dwelling,  then the best pest program for you to use is a monthly pest control plan. As creek lines are the breeding grounds for rodents, the baits loaded in your bait stations are generally consumed by rats or mice  by the time  the next service is needed. There are many pest control businesses in Chicago that can serve you with quality services in the local area .

If you are not having pest problems at your home or business but have a phobia of pests, such as spiders, some services would be beneficial just as a preventive measure. This would be enhanced with a bi-monthly service. You can use this service  to give you the greatest form of pest protection for your own peace of mind.