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How to get rid of rats in Chicago

How to Get Rid of Rats

Like many pests, Rats are on the hunt and look for shelter and food. In Chicago’s long winter, rats look for a warm place like your home to escape from the winter chill. How to get rid of rats once they are inside your home, these tiny pests can cause more than just a headache for homeowners, and they can cause food contamination and spread deadly diseases such as Leptospirosis. They also cause severe structural damage by chewing through insulation, wallboards, wood, and electrical wiring. The best way to get rid of rats is through prevention!

How to get rid of rats?

To get rid of rats, first, you will have to deal with the sources. You have to find out the entry points from where they can access your home. If you overlook the sources of entry, the problem will be recurring. Secondly, you need to prevent rats from entering your house. If the prevention of rats is not addressed, you may find yourself in an endless cycle of trapping and baiting as they continue to enter your home.

Before they cause more and more destruction, you need to keep them away. Here’s how you can get rid of rats in Chicago.

Rat extermination in Chicago

Rats are annoying pests with about one year of the life cycle. A female can raise as many as 20 young in their entire life. They leave urine and feces that make your home atmosphere unpleasant and embarrassing. People know how much damage rats can cause, and that is why they want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Here we will see how you can exterminate rats living in your house and prevent rats from entering your home:

  • Use rodenticides or rat poison

If you have rats already living in your house, you need to exterminate them. You can kill rats by using rodenticides or rat killers. You can start by putting rodenticides in rat burrows to eradicate the nest. Next, you can place these rodenticides in the areas where the rodent activities are found excessively, such as the kitchen, utility room, warehouses. Also, place rodenticides in the areas where rats can get access to food or the areas around foodgrains. Remember to keep these rodenticides away from your pets and children.

  • Rat trapping

If you have a small rat infestation in your home, you should use rat trapping instead of rodenticides for rat extermination. A wood-based snap trap will work better to bait and trap the mouse living in your house. You can use peanut butter as bait, and when rats smell the bait, they will run over the trap. If you are dealing with a significant infestation, you can use poison baiting.

You can exterminate rats by using rodenticides and rat trapping simultaneously. Trapping may eliminate small infestations, but significant problems require poison baits or rodenticides.

Prevent Rats From Infesting Your Home

Once you successfully exterminate the rats living in your house, you now need to take preventive measures for future rat infestation. Prevention of infestation is more accessible than getting rid of rats after they have found a cozy place like your home to live.

How to get rid of rats in your home

  • Close the entry point or holes with a solid material that rats can not chew. Sealing gaps prevent future Mouse infestation.
  • Screen vents and openings to chimneys, near pipes and other openings on the outside of your home.
  • Store food grains in airtight containers and Clean up any food and crumbs.
  • Rodents may increase due to the exposed garbage. Make sure that you properly dispose of all food waste, as this is a big attraction for hungry rats. This includes both inside and outside of your house. When you close the garbage cart properly, rats will eat rodenticide and die. If possible, dispose of trash regularly.
  • You will need to remove all potential nesting spots from around your house and yard. These include piles of wood, leaves, or other debris where rats can hide.

If you are squeamish, you can take the services of a pest controller. If you decide to hire the services of a pest management company, make sure that they offer you both extermination and prevention of rats. If they focus on only one, either extermination or prevention, you will never get rid of rats.

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