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Rodent Control in Arlington Heights, IL

The city of Chicago’s Bureau of Rodent Control works hard to decrease the outstanding number of rodents in the city. However, rodents are known for their superior survival skills and their tendency to hide in objects such as moving boxes. When they are displaced, rodents can spread and reproduce. If you live in Arlington Heights, contact an Arlington Heights rodent control specialist to help you with the matter.

Homes in cities close to metropolitan areas are at a greater risk of experiencing rodent infestations. Since Arlington, Illinois is only located 25 miles from Chicago, Arlington Heights’ homeowners are not immune to this problem. Therefore, it is imperative to choose an effective elimination approach for a rodent population.

The best way to fight a rodent problem depends on the infestation’s location. Inside of homes, chemicals, mechanical traps and ultrasonic repellents are the most helpful. Rodents in outdoor spaces can be kept at bay with preventive maintenance. Those that are infiltrating gardens and outbuildings can be controlled with appropriate storage practices and effective barriers.

Rodent Control Solutions for Homes

Poisons are helpful for rodent control. However, homes where child and pet safety is a concern should use non-toxic baits and traps. Those who are against terminating the life of any animal can purchase live traps, which allow the user to transport and release the rodents away from the home. Natural deterrents for rodents are safe for use around children and pets, and they come in scents such as:

  • Citronella
  • Balsam
  • Peppermint oil

There is also the option of ultrasonic deterrents. These devices emit tones that only rodents can hear. While studies show that ultrasonic devices initially drive rodents away, these pests return once they become accustomed to the noise. Therefore, ultrasonic devices are the most effective when used in conjunction with other rodent deterrents. Or ultrasonic controls can be used to drive away the rodents long enough to block their entrances into the home.

Rodent Control Solutions for the Outdoors

Some of the most commonly used outdoor rodent control products are granules containing sulfur and naphthalene. Before applying this product, the area must be prepped by:

  • Placing all grain and feed off the floor
  • Removing all clutter and debris from the yard
  • Sealing any holes and cracks
  • Trimming overgrown grass and shrubbery

Once the outdoor spaces are ready, the granular rodent deterrent can be applied to the area.

Rodent Control Solutions for Gardens

Fence barriers are an excellent solution to keeping rodents out of a garden. The fence should be a solid structure without slats, and it needs to be buried 6-10 inches below ground to prevent rodents from digging under the fence. Marigolds and onions can be planted around the garden as their pungent scent repels rodents.
Rodents are very fertile, and they are attracted to fresh food, pet food, plants, garbage and even dog feces. They are also able to chew through any material that is softer than tooth enamel, such as plaster and wood. Therefore, a small rodent problem can quickly turn into a huge infestation. If you have a rodent problem, and typical rodent control solutions are not working, you need to turn to a professional. Pest control experts in Arlington Heights, Illinois can not only rid your property of rodents, but also provide assistance to prevent their return.

If you think you have a Arlington Heights rodent control problem, contact a professional today.


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