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The biggest problem with rats is that they carry diseases like the lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV) and hetavirus. As a property owner, you can take the initiative in staving off rats’ presence by cleaning up your surroundings, depriving them of food and keeping rats out. According to the City of Evanston’s official website, last year the city has gotten “an unprecedented number of requests for service for rodents.” If you think you have a Evanston rodent control problem, contact a professional today.

Clean Up Your Surroundings

Rats use feces and urine to communicate with each other. If a rat leaves some droppings behind, that will only attract more rats. Therefore sweep up the droppings and disinfect the area with a mild bleach mix. Speak with your neighbors so they can do the same.

Deprive Rats of Food and Water

Rats go where there is food and water and therefore can sense their presence. Ideally, you should seal off containers, and keep food and standing water sources out of sight. Don’t feed animals outside the house and often drain water from containers like gutters and children’s toys. Bird feeders should be brought down because rats feed on bird seeds.

Make sure your garbage cans are city-approved containers that can be sealed off with tight lids. Bring containers to the curb on pickup day — not the night before when rats will have more time to rummage through them. Don’t put garbage bags next to the containers; put bags inside them.

Sealing Off Openings

Gaps, cracks and other types of spaces in your home are easy access for rats. They can fit through an opening as small as a quarter. In addition to squeezing through already existing spaces, rats also constantly gnaw their way into homes. You should close off all openings to keep them out. There are a variety of solutions for a variety of spaces, such as caulk for cracks, cement for large gaps in foundations, and metal flashing for window gapes. Specialists like repairmen and pest experts can do most repairs.

Find the Right Pest Control Specialist

Find the right rodent control specialist. Rodent Control Chicago services many areas of Chicago and the surrounding are. Call Rat Patrol Illinois to deal with your Evanston rodent control issues today.


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